Back to school

I love this time of year and the ‘back to school’ vibe. It normally doesn’t affect me too much as the Open University is pretty much a 52 weeks a year affair. However, this year has been very different as my four year old has started school. So far all seems to be going well, she is enjoying it and was even awarded ‘star of the week’ last week for settling in so well. In fact she seems to be coping with this change much better than her parents. For us it feels like we are sending her off to fend for herself for the first time. Though to be honest she did go to nursery for a couple of mornings a week from 18 months old so it’s not as if it is the first time we have sent her into the wilderness.  I think it is more the psychological difference as the nursery were always very keen to keep us involved and informed on the practical stuff such as whether she ate all her lunch and her development.

I know it is early days yet and there hasn’t been time to get to know the teachers and staff at the school but information is pretty hard to come by – mostly based on notes in the school bag. I have no real idea of what she is eating at lunch time as at four years old she isn’t that informative herself – she told me yesterday that she had a slice of bread for lunch! The other concern is whether she will make friends easily as no one else from her nursery ended up at the same school and there are only a handful of girls in her class. I am probably focusing on my own hang-ups here as I struggle to make friends sometimes.

I suppose I should take my cues from her – she is really enjoying it and I am sure if anything was bothering her she would tell me. It’s all part of the learning experience for her and for me – learning to let go a little.

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