eternal student?

I have been asked on several occasions why I am studying for a further degree and I usually trot out the accepted answers – it will be good for my career, it keeps me busy, it seemed like a good idea at the time etc. And while those answers are true I think there is something deeper – I really love learning things and like the structure of formal education. I also like getting the pieces of paper that say that I know things! I imagine that springs from a deep-seated need for recognition and acknowledgement but we shall leave that for a later therapy session!

I didn’t originally set off with the intention of doing a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). I moved roles within my organisation and felt I should know the theory behind what I was trying to achieve at work, so undertook a Managing Knowledge module. And then after finding maternity leave a bit mind numbing I decided to start the MBA. Three years later I am still here with a year to go – it doesn’t have to take that long I have had breaks between modules and have added MSc in Human Resource Management modules to my programme. I study with the Open University which is very flexible and I can combine face to face tutorials with on-line support and collaboration. The activities and assignments are very applied so I am able to use my own work context to explore and understand the theory. I am looking forward to my next module which involves designing and implementing ‘something’ that makes a difference to an organisation, hopefully bringing together the theory in a practical and useful way.

It isn’t all plain sailing, there are times (like now) when assignment deadlines or exams are looming when I wonder why I started on this path. I know it isn’t much fun for the rest of the family when I need to spend time at weekends studying rather than having fun with them. The money I have spent on this could have funded some rather lovely holidays instead. And if it wasn’t for studying the little one’s baby book would be full of facts and photos by now (he is one next month!). But I hope it will all be worth it in a years time when I finish. The only problem is what will I do with myself then.

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  1. Hi Zoe – I think I’m a bit envious… I’m still contemplating further study but just can’t yet see a way to fit it in (& our kids are 7 & 10). So huge respect to you for studying with young ones – I couldn’t have done it let alone started a blog!

  2. Remember I don’t work so with a bit of grandparent childcare and evenings I can fit studying in – I am always amazed by those who manage to study with a job and kids, perhaps they don’t need to sleep!


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