a bit of a whirlwind

Life has been a bit of a whirlwind since the exam, I feel like I haven’t been home long enough to feel on top of anything until this week, hence a lack of blog posts. The exam went ok-ish, I did two OK answers on performance related pay and the need for consultancy skills and one weaker answer on recruitment and selection in the context of diversity, fingers crossed it will be enough to pass. Since then there have been two trips to London, a long weekend away in Devon and another in the Lake District. I have spent this week getting back on top of housework, washing and ironing, the household finances, filing and birthday cards etc etc – just about feel in control of everything again. I am a bit of a control freak so get a bit edgy if I don’t feel in control of at least one aspect of my life so feeling a bit more on an even keel now. Interestingly while I was ‘in the whirlwind’ I didn’t engage much with social media – particularly Twitter – as I didn’t feel I had the head space to handle the influx of information.

My next two OU modules started this week and I am already trying not to panic about the workload. I am really looking forward to Psychometrics though definitely need to get my head round statistics again as it has been a long time since my quantitative research days. My other module is project based and a year-long rather than six months, however the workload in the first few months while I scope out a suitable project is fairly heavy. I am going to need to be really disciplined over the next few months as I can’t afford to leave things to the last minute and I really don’t want my studies to eat into too much ‘family time’. I know the end is in sight and hopefully that will help sustain the motivation.