Oh dear

Mmmmmm I am not very good at this am I? It has been 3 months, 3 weeks and 2 days since my last post. Can I plead mitigating circumstances? Actually it is just life, general busyness due to kids, Christmas, studies etc so it isn’t much of an excuse. And I can’t promise that things will get any better but I will try. In fact I am only really posting today as I feel guilty – I have written a guest post for another blog and didn’t want my own to feel neglected.

Studies are going OK I think, though am playing catch-up after being ill last week. I have done my OU residential which was interesting, challenging and frustrating in equal measure. My favourite moment was during the first session’s introductions – we were going slowly round the table with people talking at length about their roles and then we came to me, it was great to see everyone’s heads pop up as I said ‘I don’t work’ though not sure if they were jealous or just felt sorry for me. Anyway that state of affairs will soon be no longer as my consultancy project has been agreed and as of March I shall be earning a small (but honest) living as a freelance consultant.

In other news I have met up with some Twitter peeps for the first time which was great and have arranged another meet up with a new person. I am also planning to attend the Connecting HR tweetup in April and the unconference in May so am broadening my horizons. Really looking forward to meeting people after conversing with them via Twitter.

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