It’s been a while

My last post was entitled ‘Oh dear’ and started with an apology for my infrequent posting – over a year ago! However in my defence I do have a new blog which is capturing all the ups and downs of our move to New Zealand. However I felt this post might be better here as it concerns an issue I have talked about previously – identity.

After 4 months in New Zealand I am ready to go back to work. The children are settled in school and with the childminder so I now have the time as well as the inclination. I feel much more comfortable as a ‘stay at home mum’ here than I did in the UK but while I love the coffee mornings, trips to the park and beach I miss work, miss being part of a wider team contributing to something. So my issue with identity has moved on somewhat. I have been spending time working on my CV and am struggling with my ‘professional identity’. A new twitter friend (@dds180) has posted recently about not fitting into a neat occupational box and this is how I feel at the moment. I don’t feel that I can say ‘I am a …….’. My last job title (Head of Business Intelligence) whilst sounding impressive is fairly meaningless out of the context of that organisation and doesn’t reflect the breadth of my role there. My skills, knowledge and experience cover a number of areas but I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I am an expert in any of them. I know what I am good at and know that I can add value to an organisation that can be flexible enough not to pigeon hole me. The trick however is finding that organisation.

It has been a very long time since I last looked for a job (Twitter wasn’t even around then!) so it is all a bit daunting especially after some time out of the workforce and in a new country. I am taking it slowly and am focusing on having conversations with people about the NZ jobs market, the different sectors and my skill set. I am spending some time thinking about what i want to do, what strengths I want to focus on and how I would like to develop. My online network has been incredibly helpful and it is great taking some of those online connections into ‘real life’. I know I am lucky in that I have time on my side – I don’t need to find a job right away, it is more important that I find the right job.